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- Abiding Faithfulness
- Jesus's respect for Gods Word
- The Church of the open door
- Confronting casual christianity Confronting casual christianity
- Giving giving
- Hinderances to worship hinderances
- Jesus careth for you Jesus careth
- Time to grow up 2011 Time to grow
- Materialism materialism. pdf
- Conversion conversion.pdf
-The one with the answers the_one_with_the_answers.pdf
- The Church of Christ The_Church_of_Christ.pdf
- Matthew 18 Matthew Chapter 18.pdf
- Heaven awaits the faithful Heaven Awaits the Faithful.pdf
- What God has joined together let no man separate What God has Joined Together let no man separate.pdf
- Don't be like a Pharisee Dont be like a Pharisee.pdf
- At the cross redemption At The Cross Redemption.pdf
- I chased him from me I chased Him from me.pdf
- Are we cakes unturned Are We Cakes unturned.pdf
- Success and failure in Samuel II Success and Failure in II Samuel..pdf
- The Christ Foreshadowed The Christ Foreshadowed.pdf
- Amos Amos..pdf
- To study or not to study? To Study or Not to Study.pdf
- The ABCs of Bible Study The ABCs of Bible study.pdf
- From Gods heart From Gods Heart.pdf
- Singing with the understanding Singing With The Understanding.pdf
- What does the Lord require of you? WHAT DOES THE LORD REQUIRE OF YOU.pdf
- Fruit of the Spirit Fruit_of_the_Spirit.pps

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- Devoted to bridge building Devoted_To_Bridge_Building.pdf
- Made Alive - Ephesians 2 Made_Alive_Eph2.pdf
- Fellowship in Perspective Fellowship_in_Perspective.pdf
- The Holy Spirit of God The_Holy_Spirit_of_God.pdf
- The Chosen The_Chosen.pdf
- Jesus the door Jesus_the_Door.pdf
- Are you looking? Are_You_Looking.pdf
- Walking in the Fear of the Lord Walking_in_the_Fear_of_the_Lord.pdf
- What Must I Do To Be Saved? What_Must_I_Do_To_Be_Saved.pdf
- Growing to Maturity Growing_to_Maturity.pdf
- Growing unto Maturity (slide show)


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- Earth based, but Heaven bound Earth_based_Heaven_bound.pdf
- The Church Moving Forward The_Church_Moving_Forward.pdf
- Eternity of God and the Frailty of Man Eternity_of_God_and_the_Frailty_of_Man.pdf
- Lessons from the Prophet Micah Lessons_from_the_Prophet_Micah.pdf
- A Portrait of God A_Portrait_of_God.pdf
- Overview of Isaiah Overview_of_Isaiah.pdf
- Building a Great Marriage Building_a_Great_Marriage.pdf
- Jesus Careth For You Jesus_Careth_For_You.pdf
- What Jesus says about marriage What_Jesus_says_about_Marriage.pdf
- Purpose of marriage Purpose_of_Marriage.pdf
- Marriage and home Marriage_and_Home.pdf
- Concerning the Collection Concerning_the_Collection.pdf
- The Lord's Supper
- Dead Men Walking
- What's Missing in your Life? Whats_Missing.pdf
- One Another Religion One_Another_Religion.pdf

The material presented on this page has come from many resources and personal study of the word of God.
Some lessons presented I have been granted prior permission to use and place on this website.

It is the desire of the 'Preachers Pen' to present material that will be helpful to all in the preaching and promoting of the gospel of Jesus Christ and may all the glory be to Him. Amen