Downloads:  (useful downloads for home computers etc. running MS Windows)
Mainly FREE software that's almost essential for any home computer. Get it for free !!
E-Sword Bible Study Software                    Free
Large range of high quality Bible software
PGsurfer Web Filter & Internet Security             Free  (Protect your kids & family etc)
to block display of inappropriate web pages
Free protection for Windows 2000, XP & Vista.
- Read details about this great software...
Adobe Reader, a.k.a Acrobat Reader            Free
required to view and print .PDF Documents
Select one of the following... Latest version:-
- Reader 7.0 for Windows XP etc.  (fast PC's) AdbeRdr70_enu.exe   ( 12.5 MB )
- Reader 6.0 for Windows XP etc.  (slow PC's) AdbeRdr602_ece.exe   ( 11.7 MB )
- More downloads, full, basic, languages, etc.  (Free)  (Free)
    Foxit PDF Reader  (only a 1MB download)   ( 1 MB )
Free downloads to create .PDF files...
CutePDF Writer  - Free Edition
pdf 995 Suite  - Free Edition
Create PDF files online - also Free
AVG Anti-Virus                Free or Pro Versions - Main site
to detect & protect against computer viruses  (Free Version)  LATEST VERSION
Free anti-virus for private non-commercial use Microsoft Windows and mac compatible, plus Linux.
or purchase AVG Professional or Network. Used by millions of satisfied people worldwide.
Malwarebytes AdwCleaner                      Free
to detect & remove spyware, malware, etc. Also detects & removes fake AntiVirus programs etc.
Malwarebytes Anti-Malware                    Free
to detect & remove spyware, malware, etc. Also detects & removes fake AntiVirus programs etc.
Crap Cleaner                          Free Version
to analyse & clean up (system optimization)
ZoneAlarm Firewall                 Free Version
to help protect your computer on the Internet  
Internet Explorer 8 Web Browser             Free
Microsoft's new IE8 with the latest features Download for Windows XP or Vista.
Mozilla FireFox                                        Free
a nice alternative to that of Internet Explorer,
with nice features Downloads in all languages for WIndows, Mac & Linux
Parental Control Bar Web Filter                Free
to block display of inappropriate web pages Free add-in for internet explorer and FireFox.
We-blocker Web Filter             Free Version download
to block display of inappropriate web pages  Review
Safe Families  Keeping children safe online
Free software, tutorials & resources, etc. Free download, and excellent information on website.
MailWasher                           Free or Pro Version
deletes known spam Emails (extremely good)
MailWasher Server                Free, Open Source
deletes known spam Emails on Mail Servers Download for Windows, Linux, or Solaris.
Spam Bully  - Free 14 day Trial or Purchase It - main site
Spam Filter for Outlook & Outlook Express - download
It works extremely well & very user-friendly. Download for Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, windows mail and live mail.
Microsoft "Windows Defender"                Free
to detect & remove spyware, scumware, etc.
- This new full version has no expiration date.  
More information about Spyware etc.
Lavasoft Ad-aware                  Free or Pro Version - main site
to detect & remove spyware, scumware, etc. - download
IrfanView Photo Editor             Free Version - main site
to edit, resize or convert photos graphics etc.
 click the download link on left of their site to download
Picasa Photo Editor + more      Free Version - main site
to organise & share your pictures and photos
- Picasa 3  (Windows XP / Vista) picasa3-setup.exe   ( 7.46 MB )
- Picasa 2  (Windows XP / 2000) picasa2-current.exe   ( 4.56 MB )
- Version: 2  (Windows 98 / ME / NT / XP) picasa2-setup-1884.exe   ( 3.16 MB )
- Version: 1.618  (Win 98 / ME / 2000 / XP) picasa-other.exe   ( 3.53 MB )
Skype Call people on their PC or phone      Free
Free Internet telephone and chat that works worldwide Download for Windows, Linux, Mac OS or Pocket PC.
(click on 'get skype' at top of their page and choose the one you want)
Allows real-time typing, voice and webcam. Free communication worldwide via PC's with skype.
Zoom (Online meetings, etc.)                       Free
WinZip Compression Utility 
Free or Buy Windows and MAC
to compress, zip, and unzip files etc.
Note that Windows XP already has some features for Zip files
- Version 9.0 SR1  (Evaluation or upgrade) winzip90-SR1.exe   ( 2.30 MB )
WinRAR Compression Utility                Free or Buy
to compress, zip, and unzip files etc. - downloads with language list
- Latest Free Version: 3.80 wrar380.exe   ( 1.2 MB )
Useful Command Line (MS-DOS) Utilities  
Java Runtime Environment (JRE)           Free  -main site (Sun Microsystems)
- Latest Version download - downloads
QuickTime Player                        Free
- Latest Version download (Windows or Mac)
VLC Media Player                        Free - All versions
Classic Menu for MS Office 2007
- Free 15 day trial
Microsoft Viewers  (if you don't have Microsoft Office, Word, Excel, etc. - so you can view and print)
Microsoft Word Viewer  - Free Word Viewer
Microsoft Excel Viewer  - Free Excel Viewer
Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer 2007  - Free PowerPoint Viewer
Microsoft Visio Viewer 2007  - Free Visio Viewer
Open Office Suite                        Free Edition  - main site (Sun Microsystems)
- Microsoft Office compatible,
  for installation on Windows or Linux OS. - downloads
Listings of many more Free downloads...
Listings of many more Free downloads...
Our website developers recommend the software above, but we are unable to provide any support.
If you need any support then go to the appropriate websites - and if you still can't get it to work, it's simple: do not use it.
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